Disaster & Emergency Management Services Department


Providing a safer city by being prepared any emergency is the main role of this department by carried out by the two legs to the department:

Emergency Services, which deals with:

Fire Fighting Services
Ambulance Services
Rescue Services

Disaster Management and Emergency Communication Services deals with:

  • Disaster management pro-active measures - prevention, mitigation and preparedness
  • Disaster management re-active measures – response, relief, recovery, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development
  • Emergency call taking and dispatching services


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Office of the HoD

Sam Sibande is the head of this department, who leads the two legs of this department.

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Emergency Services

This division, under Mhlengi Makhubalo is responsible for fire fighting, rescue services, handling of hazardous material incidents

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Disaster Management

Planning for and prevention of, as well as managing and responding to disasters is the role of this division which is headed by Erika Swart.

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Governance and Compliance

The responsibility of this division, led by Boitumelo Mona, is to advise on corporate governance principles and the implementation of governance programmes

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Support Services

Mary Lekgau is responsible for the likes of issues related to HR, Finance, strategy and departmental KPIs within the Department of Disaster and Emergency Management Services.

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Department Contacts

Office of the HoD:

011 999 0224


Disaster Management:

011 999 0185


Support Services:

011 999 0221



Emergency Services:

 011 999 0187



Governance and Compliance:

011 999 0185