About Communications and Brand Management

It’s ALWAYS happening at the Communications and Brand Management Department, and while we’re excellent at keeping information confidential we’re even better as getting it OUT there once the embargo is lifted. Talking about the City is our business and we do it with great gusto and enthusiasm.

Simply put, our role is two-fold:

To provide strategic leadership on matters related to communications, brand marketing and stakeholder engagement
To showcase the City’s projects and achievements to build the reputation of the brand.


Office of the HoD

The HoD position is currently vacant.

Communications, Production and Media

This three-pronged division is made up of the following units, Communications, Production and Media.

Brand Management and Stakeholder Engagements

Responsible for providing strategic leadership on matters related to brand, marketing, advertising and stakeholder engagement.

Special Events and Projects

This division responsible for managing all special events and projects of the City. This includes developing, managing and reviewing projects and events strategies and plans to direct the identification.

Support Services

Adv Nerina Cory heads up the department’s Support Services which in responsible for ring-fencing all support services to ensure efficient execution, monitoring and accountability.

Department Contacts

Switchboard 011 999 1122

Office of the HoD:

011 999 0021

Support Services:

011 999 0020

Special Events and Projects

011 999 1589

Communications, Production and Media:

011 999 0096

Brand Management and Stakeholder Engagements:

011 999 8085