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In preparation of the inaugural Council sitting for the new administration elected on 1 November 2021 the City hosted a welcome day for all councillors.

During the official welcome of the new administration at the OR Tambo Government Precinct in Germiston on Wednesday, 17 November, City Manager Dr Imogen Mashazi said, “As a City Manager, I and my staff commit to giving you all the necessary support as and when you call upon us for assistance.

“The people of Ekurhuleni have spoken, and one can only wish you all the best as you carry forward their hopes. I wish you a fruitful five-year term as you continue with the developmental trajectory of local government.”

Activities of the day included an inaugural mock Council proceeding which outlined the

seating plan, code of conduct, dress code and overall orientation of the council chambers.

Covid-19 vaccination services were also offered to councillors.