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Member of Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Corporate and Shared Services Cllr Dora Mlambo met with Germiston stakeholders on the Monday, 11 October 2021 at the Germiston Customer Care Centre.   

Topping the agenda in this well attended meeting, which was a follow up to the Siyaqhuba programme, was addressing service delivery challenges around Dukathole, Angelo, Makause and Ramaphosa informal settlements.

In attendance were councillors, ward committee representatives, community development workers (CDWs), churches, non-profit organisation (NPOs) as well as community policing forums.

MMC Mabaso said illegal electricity connections is the number one problem faced by the City.

“This overloads the grid which results in interrupted power supply and throws residential areas and businesses into darkness. More often than not, as community members, we are either involved in this practise or allow it to happen in our areas and this should not be the case,” she said.

The MMC said the City loses millions of rands on repairs or buying of transformers to replace those damaged or destroyed due to illegal connections.

Illegal dumping was also another problem that is rife in the Germiston area, said the MMC.

“The challenge with illegal dumping is that we dispatch our trucks to clean illegal dumping sites and immediately after cleaning, some people will again dump waste material, which poses a serious health risk and also creates rodent manifestation,” said Mlambo.    

The various stakeholders also had an opportunity to present their challenges, such as lack of proper roads, recreational facilities, housing, unregulated taverns, crime, and high mast lights.   

A report back session is scheduled for 22 October 2021.