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CAPTION: Waste service point audit surveyors dressed in their uniform and carrying their identity cards for ease of identity.

Scores of surveyors temporarily employed by the City to conduct a waste service points audit will crisscross the streets of the City in the eastern and northern regions to collate information on the state of waste services from households, business premises and churches from the second week of October.

As such, to assist residents and business owners to easily identify the surveyors, all are provided with and wear an identifiable CoE branded uniform and will carry name tags with their photos and identity numbers – the yellow and grey jacket also has the logo of the service provider, Knowledge Anchors Group. The ID cards also have contact details of the supervisor from the City’s Department of Waste Management Services. The surveyors will use electronic gadgets such as tablets and maps.

In addition, residents and business owners need to note that no money is needed from the property owners to conduct the audit.

The waste service points audit runs until June 2022. The project will create temporary employment for over 200 community members from the wards where the audit will be carried out.