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Residents of Tsakane that have been struggling with in-house water leaks through the taps, cisterns, water supply pipes, damaged or leaking water meters can breathe a sigh of relief as the City resumes work on the Tsakane War on Leaks Phase 3 Project.

The project entails attending to leaks on private properties, which have been identified as one of the major causes of water wastage in the area. The project scope includes comprehensive ERF connections from the municipality’s water network up to the water meter per stand, and yard connections from the water meter.

There is a retrofitting element which includes repair or replacement of damaged toilet cisterns, taps (at sinks, baths, showers and outdoor), underground pipes, and other plumbing pipework.

The final part is the installation of a water meter to ensure that water usage is calculated and billed accurately. Another advantage of having a functional water meter is that residents can take an active role in monitoring their water consumption, and implement changes to reduce it and save on their account.

“The War on Leaks project is one of the City’s most important interventions with regards to tackling water wastage in our communities. The Water and Sanitation Department has prioritised the project, not only will this help us reduce our non-revenue water percentage but also benefit struggling residents to keep their municipal bills low,” said MMC for Water and Sanitation, Cllr Tiisetso Nketle. 

Over the past week, various areas around the City, including Tsakane, have experienced water supply interruptions because of high demand in Gauteng that led to reservoirs at Rand Water dropping to hazardous lows. The project is one of the City’s initiatives to decrease water demand so that it is in line with the supply available to the City. This will also help minimise stringent water restrictions such as those experienced in recent weeks happening again in the future.

To date, 40 community members are employed and 17 local SMMEs appointed to implement the project.

MMC Nketle continued to explain that in order to ensure sustainability of the project, the City has used a model that involves empowering local SMMEs to be able to proficiently conduct the required work. This will boost the skills set of local plumbers and they will, in turn, take better care of the infrastructure in the area in the future. 

Households in the following parts of Tsakane can expect a knock on their doors in the coming months:

  • Ward 81 (Langaville Ext 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)
  • Ward 82 (Geluksdal Ext 1 and 3)
  • Ward 83 (Tsakane Ext 19)
  • Ward 99 (Geluksdal Ext 2 and 9)
  • Ward 111 (Langaville Ext 5, KwaThema Ext 3, Vlakfontein)