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CAPTION: City’s energy officials effecting repair works on the transformer.

There are many reasons that lead to the council disconnecting power supply to any premises. The reasons include non-payment of rates and taxes, effecting emergency repairs or scheduled routine maintenance work.

According to the City’s electricity bylaws, council has a right to disconnect the supply of electricity to property if the person liable to pay for such supply fails to do so. After disconnection the fees, as prescribed by the City, must be paid before power is restored.

However, when conditions are found to exist in an electrical installation that in the opinion of the council constitutes a danger to a person or property or interferes with the supply to any other consumer, council may without notice disconnect that installation until the situation is resolved.

Also, council may without notice temporarily discontinue the supply to any electrical installation for the purpose of effecting repairs or running tests on its supply main.

The electricity supply can be physically removed in an event where the supply has been illegally connected after being legally disconnected, or where council equipment has been tampered with to prevent full registration of consumption by the meter. Applicable fines will be issued.

Furthermore, the electricity bylaws state that the City is not liable for any loss or damage, directly or consequentially suffered or sustained by a consumer because of the power supply interruption or discontinuation of the supply of electricity, unless caused by negligence on the part of council.

As such, consumers are requested to treat all electrical installations as live at all times.

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