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Library Fine Free Week is twice a year, in March and September. This month’s Library Fine Free Week is from 8 to 15 September.

The purpose of this week is to allow library patrons to take advantage of the days provided to return all overdue or late library material. Those who return them during the week of the Library Fine Free Week are exempted from any fine that goes with library material returned late.

Library users are encouraged to do the right thing and use this amnesty period to return overdue library material – like books, e-books, and magazines - so that other patrons will also have an opportunity to enjoy them.

The returned books means the City can redirect funds to elsewhere in the library instead of replacing the library material not returned.  

All libraries are currently open, as per the adjusted Level 3 COVID-19 regulations and visitors and library users are urged to respect the number of people allowed at a time and to keep social distancing and wear a mask at all times.  

You can also urged to use the drop and collect facility, or box, in libraries that allows users to drop any library material inside the box without having to queue or come into the library.

For more information, please email , or visit your nearest library.

Caption: One of the library facilities in the City.