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Ekurhuleni residents are urged to use water sparingly as water remains scarce.

Kitchen chores are among the main contributors to water use in a household. Residents may look at some of the following actives to reduce their water use:  washing the dishes, vegetables, hands washing.

Follow these water-saving tips to reduce your consumption and therefore preserve the available water resources:

  • Good cooks use water from one dish to another, for example, your water from boiling vegetables can make a healthy broth for your stew or curry dish. The same water can also be used to water your vegetable and or herb garden.
  • Steaming foods like vegetables is healthier and saves water.
  • Be sure to use the appropriate pot/pan size when cooking. Unnecessarily large pots or pans require more cooking water than is necessary.
  • Use the microwave to defrost foods instead of using water, or better yet the frozen foods may be left in the fridge to defrost overnight.
  • A simple scraping through the dishes is better than rinsing the dishes before you wash them. Equally, be careful not to scrape pots and pans with stubborn burnt stains, soaking them will help lift burnt foods after which you can separate same and throw them in the dustbin instead of the kitchen sink drain.
  • Invest on a water jug with a tap or spout to keep drinking water to avoid running the tap while you wait for the water to get cold when you want to drink water at home.
  • Work smart in your kitchen by giving your floor a quick sweep every now and then and immediately clean up spills. In this way, you will save water and not have to consistently mop the floors thus wasting water.


Saving water is the right thing to do!