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The City of Ekurhuleni (CoE) Customer Care Relations Department has recently changed its name to the Service Delivery and Co-ordination Department (SDC).

The SDC is responsible for managing all the Customer Care Centers (CCC) throughout the City

The overall objective of the Service Delivery Coordination Department is to ensure that there is sustainable delivery of service across the City. The Department exists to support and assist the City Manager in executing her duties, by focusing its attention on the total coordination of service delivery across the City.

This Department`s role is a transversal one and cuts across functions, as it works to integrate all services in the City including the requisite infrastructure for delivering these service. It does all these in pursuit of the realisation of the city’s strategic goals and objectives, especially its responsiveness.

Among its major responsibilities is the development of appropriate service delivery strategies, models, and approaches.

In addition to this would be the adoption of proper oversight mechanisms and relevant tools/instruments for measuring service delivery progress on a continuous basis. It is in this sense that it becomes, where service delivery is concerned, “a centre of excellence” according to a document from the Strategy and Corporate Planning.