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Many are altering their spending patterns due to high living costs to prioritise necessities such as electricity.

Choosing the right electricity tariffs also goes a long way in saving costs for many households.

To this end, the City offers its customers an opportunity to change from one tariff to another at no cost to the consumer.

There are two categories of tariffs that consumers can change to and from:

Among those is Tariff A, which is only available for single-phase or three-phase 80Amps per phase electrical connections.

  • Tariff A - Inclining Block Tariff (IBT) for residential customers will be cost-effective if the monthly consumption is less than 819.10 kWh units.
  • Tariff B - for a residential customer will be cost-effective if the monthly consumption is above 819.10 kWh units.

In addition, 100kWh free basic electricity is only available on the residential tariff A (IBT) and not on tariff B residential or for businesses.

Customers will be charged according to the new tariff for a minimum period of 12 months after any change of tariff.

The cost of any changes to metering equipment necessitated by the change of tariff will be for the account of the customer unless otherwise decided by the responsible Engineer.

Tariff change will take effect immediately for prepayment meter once signed and captured.

Furthermore, application forms for tariff changes are available at all customer care centres to be completed onsite and will be actioned accordingly once completed.