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In a bid to curb the escalating theft of electricity, the City has increased the reinstatement fines for those who steal electricity through tempering with electricity meter boxes.

Until recently the reinstatement fine was R3613.79 for residential properties while it was R19 408.15 for businesses. 

From 1 July 2021, the reinstatement fine for the residential property was hiked to R4108.79, while the business property is now paying R22 239.80 reinstatement fine each.

The City’s  Energy Department, collaborating with  EMPD, SAPS and private companies conduct random auditing of electricity meter boxes in areas within Ekurhuleni. Those meter boxes found to have been tampered with or bypassed are disconnected and the owners are fined to have their electricity reinstated.

Residents and business owners in Ekurhuleni are urged to plan with the City if they struggle with paying for their services.

The City can be contacted via its Service Delivery Call Centre on 0860 543 000.