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A sight of a venue after an event is often an eyesore due to the amount of waste commonly generated by revelers.

As such, the City has bylaws to regulate waste management at all private events hosted at council-owned facilities. The Integrated Waste Management Bylaws stipulate that organisers of an event or a venue owner must contract with an accredited service provider for the provision of waste management services for an event.

The bylaws state that an organiser of an event, or the venue owner, is liable for the full cost of the collection, clean-up, recycling and disposal of waste generated by the event.

In addition, event organisers are expected to submit an event waste management plan to the municipality for approval at least 30 days before the event.

The waste management plan must include:

  • Full names and contact details of the event organiser
  • Full names and contact details of the owner of the premises at which the event will be held
  • The nature and duration of the event
  • The estimated costs of waste management associated with event
  • Information as required by the municipality including who will be responsible for the removal and disposal of waste.

Furthermore, the event organiser or venue owner is required to pay a refundable deposit of an amount determined by the municipality, and enough to cover the cost of cleaning-up and disposing of the event waste after the event.

This refundable deposit is payable five days before the event - refunded after the event and on proof of full compliance with the approved waste management plan.

In an instance where waste generated at an event is not adequately managed, the municipality will take the necessary steps to manage the waste, including arranging for the cleaning-up, collection, recycling and disposal of the event waste. All costs incurred by the municipality will be recovered from the deposit paid by the organiser of the event, and the municipality may use the legal route to recover the deficit.