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With October being Cancer Awareness Month, the City of Ekurhuleni encourages residents to observe any changes in their bodies because knowing what is normal makes it easier for one to detect some early warning symptoms of cancer.

This is according to the City’s Maternal, Child, Women and Man’s Health Manager, Thembani Masina.

Although breast cancer is most commonly thought of as a disease that affects women, this awareness month the City shines the spotlight on male breast cancer.

According to Mayo Clinic male breast cancer is most common in older men, though it can occur at any age.

Signs and symptoms may include:

  • A painless lump or thickening in the breast tissue
  • Changes to the skin covering the breast, such as dimpling, puckering, redness or scaling
  • A nipple that begins to turn inward
  • Discharge from your nipple.

Masina says there are different types of cancer affecting men, women and children making it crucial for everyone to seek medical attention when they notice changes, as early detection saves lives.

Health facilities in the City offer cancer health screening services such as:

  • Pap smears – screening test for early diagnosis of cervical cancer
  • Breast examinations and guide on how to do self-breast examinations
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) – a finger-prick blood test to help detect prostate abnormalities
  • Information on the cancer warning signs for adults and children.


Those infected and affected by cancer can contact the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA):

  • Email:
  • Help Desk: 0800 22 66 22 (toll free)
  • WhatsApp: 072 197 9305 (English and Afrikaans)
  • WhatsApp: 071 867 3530 (isiXhosa, isiZulu, siSwati, Sesotho and Setswana)