Communications, Production and Media

Nhlanhla Cebekhulu
Nhlanhla CebekhuluDivisional Head: Communications, Production and Media
Well, talking is our business and guided by Nhlanhla Cebekhulu this division lives up to its name in communicating with CoE stakeholders – both internal, as in staff. The role is simply to provide leadership on all communication as well talk about City achievements and projects. The units include Communications, Production and Media.

Division Units



Provide strategic leadership on matters related to internal, external and crisis communication; Showcase COE projects and achievements to build the reputation of the brand; Plan, develop and implement corporate internal and external communication strategies in line with the strategic framework for communications of the City; and Create awareness and understanding of the City’s vision, mission, KPAs, policies, procedures, processes, plans and projects and to ensure support of and participation both internally and externally.


Production relates to both print and electronic publications:develop and maintain standards of graphic production and visual quality aligned to the brand and CI;produce corporate publications: conceptualisation, copy writing, design and layout, proofing, printing, and distribution;develop and maintain standards of website design and utility and provide a one-stop virtual show for customers;management of website and other digital platforms;manage digital services (social media) avenues of communicating with stakeholders;


Media refers to all media, both print and digital, and maintaining relations to ensure showcasing of achievements of the City in promoting the brand. This relates to: Respond to media enquiries; Conceptualise Media Cam-paigns for EMM Flagship projects; Monitor media coverage of the City in publications both print and digital; Crisis Communication; and Media stakeholder engagements.