Brand Management and Stakeholder Engagements

The name of this division might be a mouthful, but that’s only because the role it plays affects the City’s brand, marketing, advertising and stakeholder engagements.

Division Units


Brand and Marketing

Activation of departmental campaigns; Creating an enduring brand message that results in increased awareness, brand loyalty and improving lear city identity; Establishing and maintaining a high level of awareness of the City in terms of advertising and promotional in a creative manner.

Advertising and Promotions

Position the City by means of advertising and promotional campaigns (electronic and print);Champion the brand internally making sure all elements of the company understand the brand and its goals; Brand visibility – by means of signage in all EMM facilities.

Stakeholder Relations

mainly responsible for serving information needs of citizens and business within the City through:

Strategic partnerships with the communities and business sector; Involvement of the communities and business sector in the affairs of CoE; Develop suitable forums, platforms and mechanisms within the City to promote coordinated communication with the citizens and business sector.