Digital City

The City of Ekurhuleni, earmarked at an aerotropolis, is making great strides in turning into a digital city that can compete with other major cities in the country.

A digital city will enable the City to provide effective broadband infrastructure to support business services, commercialization of fibre and connectivity to our citizens. Digital technology enhances performance and wellbeing, reduces costs of doing business and development, improves resource use and consumption and benefits all in the City.


This includes e-Health, which is a programme that means that patients’ details are on a central database. Patients can visit any of the healthcare facilities and their medical record will be available. In addition, digitisation of our healthcare means patients are screened and sorted into streams – this reduces waiting times and provides faster service.



Residents are able to view and pay their accounts online any time through the e-Siyakhokha system. After registering you are able to check your account, history of your account and make payment.


Wi-Fi roll out is ongoing in the City to all municipal buildings including libraries and clinics which will go a long way to benefitting residents.

My Ekurhuleni App

The City’s digital road includes the My Ekurhuleni App that makes it easier for communities to report service delivery related issues at the click of a button – thus fast tracking service delivery. This intervention is not only reflective of the march towards digital transformation but goes a long way in reducing the cost of doing business. No more paper job applications since the introduction of the online recruitment system. This enables job seekers to set up a profile and to search for jobs and apply online.